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MP: Girl who cycles 24km to school & back gets 98.5%

BHOPAL: She cycled 24 km to


and back every day. And it finally paid off. Roshni Bhadouriya (15), a girl from a village in MP’s

Bhind district

has scored 98.5% in the state board Class 10 exams. She is eighth on the merit list.

The 15-year-old lives in Ajnol, a village of about 1,200 people, and would cycle to school to Mehgaon town, 12 km away. She braved the scorching summer and the rains to reach her school. In fact, there were days when because of rains she couldn’t return home as the village roads were flooded. “I’d have to spend the night at the house of my relative. Sometimes, it would be days before I could get back home,” she said.

Roshni’s father, Purushottam Bhadouriya, a 36-year-old farmer, was bursting with pride when TOI called her on Saturday, after the results were declared. “All my children are good students, but this girl has made everyone proud. No one in these parts has ever scored such high marks,” he said.

Asked about her plans, he said: “Of course I want her to continue studying. I want to see her get big degrees and work in big firms in big cities.”

Roshni wants to become collectorAnd what does Roshni think of the future? “I want to join the IAS. I want to be a collector,” she said. “I am told that a collector can do a lot of good work. I don’t know much about it, but I’d like to be a collector and bring change,” she added.

Roshini scored perfect 100s in mathematics and science. “I was always attentive in class and focused on writing exactly what I had learnt. I am thrilled to get such high marks,” she said. Maths and English in which she scored an impressive 96 are her favourite subjects, she said. “I want to clear the

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