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US wealth inequality highest among advanced economies, tax system not right for the times: Gita Gopinath


Gita Gopinath

on Tuesday said the wealth inequality in the US was one of the highest among advanced economies and the country’s tax system needs to be more progressive.

As President Donald Trump and his administration touted the bounce back of the US economy, Gopinath also said America should do more to shore up its fiscal toolbox in the event of a more dramatic global slowdown.

Speaking at a session at the WEF summit here alongside Gopinath, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the US economy has been outperforming the rest of the world.

The strong economic growth has created millions of new jobs and increase in wages, all a result of the Trump administration’s tax cuts, deregulation policies and trade deals, he added.

The treasury secretary also said the global slowdown was not created by US trade disputes and the economy was slowing before those issues erupted.

Gopinath acknowledged the relative staying power of the US economy, but sounded a note of caution on inequality.

The IMF chief economist said this was primarily due to unequal access to education and healthcare across the country.

“I would also say the US tax system could be somewhat more progressive…it’s not right for the times,” she added.

On the topic of deregulation, Mnuchin said: “We believe in proper regulation, we just don’t believe in

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