Most College Students Are Being Significantly Impacted By The Coronavirus: ‘Students Are Hurting Everywhere’

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The global coronavirus pandemic has been disruptive for millions of people, and students have been among those hit hardest: According to a new poll by the nonprofit advocacy group Rise, four out of five community college or university students say their lives have been impacted in a way that goes beyond a sudden shift to digital learning. And plenty of them have reasons to worry.

Rise polled 500 students in the United States and found that 75 percent of respondents are experiencing higher levels of anxiety, depression, or stress as a result of the virus’s spread and the social distancing efforts put into place to slow the contagion effect of COVID-19. As MTV News previously reported, many young people who rely on health care services provided by their schools have suddenly found themselves unable to access those resources, given that their campuses have shut down and they’ve been mandated to evacuate. Others may be worried about paying for mental health services, given their jobs have been cut: Rise found that 52 percent of respondents have been laid off or had their work hours reduced as a result of the current social recession.

Plenty of students have also experienced significant shifts in their own stability, educationally and otherwise. Twenty percent of respondents said they lack access to a mobile device or reliable WiFi, which would negatively impact their abilities to keep up with digital classwork. (Nationwide, an estimated 18 percent of students at all grade levels don’t have a c

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