Watch Hasan Minhaj Dunk On Congress For Their Inaction On The Student Loan Debt Crisis

Hasan Minhaj contains multitudes. In the same breath, he can make a joke about cake shows on Netflix, he can also berate Congress for their relative inaction on solving the student loan debt crisis that has left 44.7 million Americans saddled with a collective $1.56 trillion in debt, according to NBC News and a 2018 report by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

“This issue is sidelining millions of Americans. People are putting off marriage, kids, homeownership, and retirement — especially my generation,” Minhaj, the host and executive producder of Netflix’s Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, told the House Financial Services Committee on September 10. He was invited to speak because he focused on student loan debt during an episode of his show in February 2019.

He pointed out that during that episode, he surveyed the people in attendance and found that the 200-person audience owed a collective $6 million in student loan debt.

“Now granted, our audience is mainly unemployed poli-sci majors, but that’s still a lot of money,” Minhaj joked. There

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