You Should See Him In A Crown: Timothée Chalamet Dazzles In First Look At The King


Is there any role that Timothée Chalamet can’t handle? If you ask us, the answer’s no.

Netflix’s latest historical epic finds the Call Me By Your Name star in the lead role as English monarch King Henry V. Loosely based on Shakespeare’s Henry IV and Henry V plays, it also includes Joel Edgerton (who co-wrote it along with director David Michod), Sean Harris, Ben Mendelsohn, Lily-Rose Depp, and of course, Robert Pattinson. Yes, you read that correctly.

The King takes place during the Hundred Years’ War, following Chalamet’s royal character as he leads an army to mount up against a French army, which somehow Henry ends up being able to defeat. How’s it all go down? You’ll have to watch and see, of course. Judging by the trailer, we’re in for a particularly somber and serious a

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