Pehlu Khan’s eldest son vows to fight for justice till his last breath

More than two years after Pehlu Khan, a Haryana dairy farmer, was beaten to death in Rajasthan’s Alwar, even the thought of watching the video of the incident gives shivers to his son Irshad. But every time it is played out on the television, the 28-year-old feels the renewed resolve to seek justice for his father.

Heart-broken by the court verdict acquitting all the six accused in the case, Irshad, sitting at his house in Jaisingpur village here on Thursday, said that he was committed to fight till his “last breath”. “Even if we are to sell our house to arrange money for the case, we would continue to fight for justice. I will take this fight to the Supreme Court. I am committed to fight till my last breath,” said Irshad, the eldest among the eight siblings.

Pitted against a hostile criminal justice system and the influential accused, the over two-year-long legal battle has not been easy for the family with limited financial resources, said Irshad, adding that they could still carry on their quest for justice helped by uncountable anonymous sympathisers pitching in with small monetary contributions and several activists, both legal and social, guiding them at every step.

He recalled how eminent UP poet Imran Pratapgarhi circulated his mother’s bank account number on social media platforms attracting help from every nook and corner of the country. “Hundreds of anonymous people have contributed ranging from a few hundreds to several thousand rupees to support us in these trying times. In fact, we still continue to receive the contributions, though occasionally. The ₹12 lakh collected through crowd-funding in this manner helped us a great deal to fight for the justice. Else, we could not have co

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